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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Future of Work is Face to Face

In FastCompany:   Look at the future of work.

" ... Forget what you think you know about the office of the future.  No you won't all be working from home. The surprising reasons while Google's Bee keeping group and Instant messengers are so powerful. .... 

Forget what you know about how to maximize productivity. ... 

That includes knowing which tasks can be breezed through with the help of a playlist, or exactly when to down that cup of coffee (or switch to another beverage) and when to mindlessly surf the web. .... According to a new report published in Harvard Business Review, the key to unlock the greatest productivity isn’t necessarily in the hands of the individual employee. Rather, authors Ben Waber, Jennifer Magnolfi, and Greg Lindsay posit that chance and face-to-face encounters are the way anyone working in the knowledge economy is going to improve performance. That’s in spite of technology that keeps us “connected,” even when we work remotely. .... " 

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