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Friday, September 26, 2014

Seeking Assumption Free Data Science

Steve Miller on 'Freak Data Science', where freak means roughly assumption-free, understandable and useful.  Always like that approach, and he has much to say on the topic, like:

" ... in agreement with this need to view data science through the lenses of both “what” and “how”. The what provides the conceptual foundation; the how articulates the tools and skills needed to progress toward that foundation – to “create meaning”. .... 

.... Author Malcolm Gladwell's  .... opining “Think Like a Freak is … about the attitude we need to take towards the tricks and the problems that the world throws at us. Dubner and Levitt have a set of prescriptions about what that attitude comes down to.” In short, the authors are scientific methodologists par excellence. ....  "

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