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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bio Inspired Design for Cognitive Assistants

By Jim Spohrer:    In a piece about articles relevant to the topic, he writes:  " ... Third, this article made me think more about the question – what is the difference between a “good tool” and a cognitive assistant? CAD systems may be “good tools” but if the user or even better multiple users can talk and gesture with the systems understanding the input and changing what is displayed, and the system can learn by being shown or asked to refer to relevant examples in the literature, and the system can provide levels of confidence in proposed solutions (see discussion thread “A Very Brief History of Cognitive Assistants”) – then we have from “good tool” to more clearly a cognitive assistant for engineers working on bio-inspired designs. ... " 

Note further that this comes from  Service Science: Community site for Service Science Education and Research.  Which was new to me.  Now following.

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