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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Is Your Content Compelling?

Could be quite valuable for a number of areas.  This is being experimented with every day in advertising and online.  The data to confirm or deny it is considerable.  Have not read as yet.

  In Fastcocreate:   " ... RivetedA book from cognitive science professor Jim Davies, presents a unified theory of compellingness. ....  What makes for compelling art? Any creator who has given half a thought to paying the rent, or achieving immortality, has considered what makes art sell. We know that the notion of quality--the idea that "the best" art and marketing and media reaches the most people--is insufficient to explain what gives some creations mass appeal. So why do people--large number of people--find books, ads, movies and art works compelling? How can we know, ahead of time, what will pique our curiosity and sustain our interest?   ... " 

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