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Friday, September 12, 2014

Kellogg Consumer Centric Data Case Study

An Ad from Aimia.

" ... Transforming CPG Loyalty With Consumer Centric Data    
It is an exciting time for the CPG industry. Building loyalty with consumers is no longer limited to retailers, airlines and hotels. CPG's also have the ability for direct dialogue and access to end users without the historical dependency on the retailer to provide this data. With more power than ever over the consumer-brand relationships, loyalty programs provide the means to capture direct insight into CPG end users in turn fostering deeper relationships. ... " 

" ... These are just a few of the benefits loyalty programs can provide. Download the Kellogg's Family Rewards case study to learn how Aimia helped create a program for Kellogg Company, designed to drive engagement and build real relationships with their consumers... " 

Sounds like P&G's 1 Consumer Place.

Complete Overview description from GMA.
For complete report.  Requires registration.

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