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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

On a Robot as Your Boss

Nice article in K@W:  The scenario of how robots could be used in close collaboration and real autonomy have been researched.  Closing the loop on measures that have been captured for a long time. And just recently the topic of 'your data as your boss' has also been brought up.   But then it is really happening already, though still loosely:  

" .... Totally automated management may seem far-fetched, and, indeed, few see the day when the authority figure in the corner office is an automaton. But in recent years, a surprising array of managerial functions has been turned over to artificial intelligence. Computers are sorting resumes of job seekers for relevant experience and to estimate how long a potential employee is likely to stay. They are mapping email exchanges, phone calls and even impromptu hallway interactions to track workflow and recommend changes. Widely used software is analyzing customer data for algorithms, which in turn is changing when and where workers are deployed. ... " 

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