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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Compliance Success

My long time friend and correspondent John Sopko, was featured in the NYT this week concerning his government compliance work.  Nice to see our government trying to make sure our money is spent well.

The Afghan Legacy
Along with waging war in Afghanistan, the United States has worked to rebuild the country. But, after more than a decade and nearly $93 billion spent on reconstruction and security programs , there are still worrisome lapses in accountability, management and effectiveness.

The special inspector general on Afghan reconstruction, John Sopko  , has cataloged the problems in a series of reports and concluded that some programs are actually working against American interests. While his aides say the mismanaged money is a small percentage of the overall spending, that still amounts to billions of dollars. These problems are persisting at a critical time when American forces are withdrawing from the country, and the United States has a diminishing opportunity to ensure programs and projects are designed and carried out in a way that puts Afghanistan on a firmer footing. ... " 

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