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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blended Realities: Glass and Printers

I like the idea of blending emergent technologies.   Here the sensory absorption of Google Glass and the realization capability of 3D Printing.  " .... It was great to catch up with Aarti Shah from The Holmes Report, and Matthew Greeley, CEO of BrightIdea. Matt had a great take on 3D printers. He pointed out that when the time between thinking something up, and then physically having it – shrinks towards nothing – as with future 3D printers, our reality becomes less distinguishable from living in a digital reality, the Singularity.  ....  "   So you can see with Glass then transmit to a 3D printer to 'have it'.  Though I doubt that the example given, a tomato, will be printable by a printer anytime soon.

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