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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3D Interactive Playground

Had not heard much from Disney of late in the digital world.  But now an interesting play. Reminiscent of other simulation world ideas, which are usually difficult to pull off.  Now can it be used to accurately mimic real spaces?  In one experiment we built a system that combined physical touch and a system to design store spaces.   " ... Disney,a company that knows a thing or two about bringing characters off the page and into the real world, has produced a prototype of a new kind of interface that does just that.  A tiny mobile projector beams out a figure that moves around a surface embedded with invisible infrared-absorbing sensors--a book, a desktop, a game board, a table, or a wall. A camera attached to the projector tracks the figure and reads the code printed in the infrared-absorbent ink, which causes the figure to interact meaningfully with the sensed object. A projected figure can track mud from an illustration of a puddle, or jump up and down on a paper trampoline. ... "

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