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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wolfram Creative Community

 Of Interest ... Wolfram announces a crowdsourced community for their users:

" ... Wolfram Community is the go-to place to discuss questions and issues relating to Mathematica and other Wolfram products in a crowdsourced communication setting. Wolfram leaders, Mathematica experts, scientists, students and many others are already using Wolfram Community to interact and share their knowledge.

Wolfram Community allows users to:

   * ask and answer questions, get help from other users, and
     share interesting Wolfram-related scripts and programs
   * organize questions and discussions by product, area of
     interest, and other groups
   * promote the most insightful comments through online voting
   * make connections and associate faces with online
     acquaintances through a user interface focusing on profile
     creation and display

Wolfram is known for its creativity and innovation, and we're excited to continue to build this culture among the community of Wolfram users. Wolfram Community is free and open to the public, and we will continue to add more features in the weeks to come.

Visit Wolfram Community  You can also read more about Wolfram Community on the Wolfram
Blog: ...  

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