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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Disney Captures Portrait Artist Strokes

More from Disney Research.  We all love the work of the sketch artist; quickly and effectively capturing both engaging art and knowledge.  Few of us can do it well.  We experimented with template based techniques   Could this skill be captured by a data and intelligence-based approach?

An interesting problem of considerable potential value.

Data-driven approach can be used to synthesize sketches in original artist's style

By monitoring artists as they sketch human faces, stroke by stroke, scientists at Disney Research, Pittsburgh, have built computer models that learn each artist's drawing style, how they use strokes and how they select features to highlight as they interpret a face into a portrait.

A better understanding of this abstraction process, the researchers stated, not only is interesting from an artistic point of view, but also can help in developing artificial drawing tools.

"There's something about an artist's interpretation of a subject that people find compelling," said Moshe Mahler, a digital artist at Disney Research, Pittsburgh. "We're trying to capture that – to create a computer model of it – in a way that no one has done before."

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