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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Neuromarketing for Dummies

Neuromarketing for DummiesI see that Sands Research has recommended the NeuroMarketing for Dummies by Genco, Pohlmann and Steidel, now available for preorder.  A balanced treatment, they say.  For yet more balance see also Sally Satel's book Brainwashed:

" ... Yes, a "Dummies" Book on Neuromarketing but trust us, it is full of excellent information on the rapidly expanding field of consumer neuroscience. 

(If they can produce a Dummies book for Differential Equations, why not the application of brain sciences in market research?)

Genco, Pohlmann and Steidl provide a well organized, easy to read, step by step review of how neuromarketing is influencing consumer insight and its applications in advertising, shopper marketing, product design and development, etc. The authors provide a well balanced (and fair) approach with scientific background, insight on the various methodologies employed and how best to choose a vendor.  They also address potential ethical issues with neuromarketing. ... " 

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