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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Web Semantics in the Cloud

Search and meaning in the Cloud, from Computing Now:

" ... In the last two years, the amount of structured data made available on the Web in semantic formats has grown by several orders of magnitude. On one side, the Linked Data effort has made available online hundreds of millions of entity descriptions based on the Resource Description Framework (RDF) in data sets such as DBPedia, Uniprot, and Geonames. On the other hand, the Web 2.0 community has increasingly embraced the idea of data portability, and the first efforts have already produced billions of RDF equivalent triples either embedded inside HTML pages using microformats or exposed directly using eRDF (embedded RDF) and RDFa (RDF attributes). Incentives for exposing such data are also finally becoming clearer. Yahoo!'s SearchMonkey, for example, makes Web sites containing structured data stand out from others by providing the most appropriate visualization for the end user in the search result page. It will not be long, we envision, before search engines will also directly use this information for ranking and relevance purposes—returning, for example, qualitatively better results for queries that involve everyday entities such as events, locations, and people.... " 

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