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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stanford Mobisocial

Discovered via examining the Muse system:

Stanford Mobisocial  Mission:

To create disruptive mobile and social computing technology that serves consumers' interests and benefits the economy in the long term.  
Our focus is to let everyone interact socially with each other, without having to join the same proprietary social network.
The success of the project lies in making it FUN for the users and EASY for software developers.
We will create:

  • Novel and attractive social interaction paradigms
  • Seamless social experience across hybrid devices
  • Open, egalitarian social and mobile computing architecture and platform
  • SocialKit: open-source software for phones, tablets, PCs, TVs for creating social-network agnostic applications.
  • Compelling representative applications
  • Real-life trials
  • A development community ...

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