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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brain Informatics: aka Neuroinformatics

In the latest issue of IEEE Intelligent Systems,  a number of articles on Brain Informatics. 

"  .. an emerging interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research field that focuses on studying the mechanisms underlying the human information processing system. BI investigates the essential functions of the brain, ranging from perception to thinking, and encompassing such areas as perception, emotion, memory, language, heuristic search, reasoning, planning, decision making, problem solving, discovery, and creativity. ...  ".

    A deeper dive here would be very useful for promoters of such areas as neuromarketing,  where I have observed rather poor application of data management, statistical and analytical methods.   See in particular the overview aricle 'Brain Informatics' ,by Zhong, Bradshaw, Lin and Taylor.

I note that this area has more commonly been called 'Neuroinformatics'The WP has a good introductory aricle.

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