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Friday, October 28, 2011

Eliminating the Checkout Line

Not really a self-checkout.  And not an item-tagged RFID enabled checkout, which we also tested.  But here something completely different. A checkout  based on individual item weights. No lines at all.  Described in InsideRetail:  " ... Equipped with highly-sensitive scales, a ShelfX Smart Shelf knows the exact item and quantity of the item being stocked. When a shopper approaches the shelf with an RFID-enabled ShelfX Card to take an item, the ShelfX system greets the customer by name, tells them what they have purchased, offers discounts and additional suggestions based on their customer profile, and processes their payment. On the back-end, the inventory is automatically updated. “The obvious benefit here is for the shopper. They come in, take their items and leave; no hassles, no waiting in lines,” explains Margalit.... " 

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