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Thursday, July 28, 2011

P&G Minimizes Management Meddling

By Michael Schrage in HBR Blogs:

Was somewhat both proud of and  surprised by this revelation.    I saw some of both behaviors.  And still think more could have been done with even less meddling.  Yes, though to innovative analytics, which we always pushed:

" ... With not a little pride, Procter & Gamble CEO Bob McDonald and Filippo Passerini, his CIO, told Fortune Brainstorm conference attendees that digital investment had successfully transformed their company's transparency and agility. New networks and innovative analytics gave top management greater visibility into Procter's people, processes, and anticipated profits. These technologies were making the world's biggest consumer products firm quicker, nimbler, and more responsive.   ...  "

A good article overall about micro management, read it all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Passerini uses more corporate speak than anyone I have heard in a long time. Not one valuable thing came out of his mouth. What a joke. I thought McDonald had some good insights to share.