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Sunday, July 17, 2011

KTM Advance - Games and e-Learning

Newly discovered, KTM-Advance,   E-Learning and serious games. Have been examining that aspect of games recently. In particular regarding sales training.   Appears to be an interesting solution to examine.  One of their client studies starts: 

" ...E-LEARNING - Product Knowledge/ Sales for LVMH
Estates & Wines, a Moët Hennessy society, is the international subsidiary of the LVMH Group tasked with marketing high-end still and sparkling wines. E&W accounts for 7 different brands throughout the world and more than 40 wines. The sales representatives of E&W are recruited from the most prestigious schools, but have often little experience or comfort in the high-end wine market with merchants, sommeliers and restorers. Thus, E&W needed a specific formation of its sales force ... "

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