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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SearchTeam Emerges

I have seen some fascinating early versions of SearchTeam, the real-time collaborative search engine from Zakta..  A great idea, think of it for collaborative use in a number of situations.   Say you are researching a new innovation, a technology detail, a competitive intelligence problem.  With an eye to later curating and understanding your results.  And of course you are always collaborating with users as you find, check and  document search results. We often saw that need in the enterprise.  It reminds me of the functionality in Vannevar Bush's proposed Memex system.  Nicely done.

Now it is here.   I have been testing it for some time in early forms, and it is very useful to do searches, share the results, and deliver value in ways it was cumbersome to do before.
See their concept video and a guided tour.

SearchTeam, in a nutshell:

SearchTeam enables trusted people to search the Web together, curating their search results, their thoughts and opinions, as well as relevant documents on a given topic, in one place (a SearchSpace).

Other Related Resources:

SearchTeam blog: http://blog.searchteam.com/
SearchTeam on Twitter: @SearchTeamNews / http://twitter.com/SearchTeamNews
SearchTeam on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SearchTeam/174952665849873

Contact information:

Via Sundar Kadayam, Founder and CEO, Zakta
Email: skadayam@zaktallc.com          
Personal Blog: The Sharer - http://kadayam.com/
LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sundarkadayam

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