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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Domain-Specific Language (DSL)

Admit I had not heard of this concept, nicely outlined and detailed in the CACM.    Mistaking it for the phone line communication protocol.  But it means something different here:

" ... One of the main reasons why software projects fail is the lack of communication between the business users, who actually know the problem domain, and the developers who design and implement the software model. Business users understand the domain terminology, and they speak a vocabulary that may be quite alien to the software people; it's no wonder that the communication model can break down right at the beginning of the project life cycle.  A domain-specific language (DSL)1,3 bridges the semantic gap between business users and developers by encouraging better collaboration through shared vocabulary.... "

A good idea, which leads to having experts in a domain being able to 'program' the logic required to deliver their expertise. We examined this in expert systems, seeking to have the experts themselves build and maintain their own knowledge bases. It is difficult to make work except in the most simple cases.  But I can see it encouraging better communications between domain experts and systems experts.

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