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Saturday, July 02, 2011

An Encyclopedia of User Interaction and Design

Don Norman and others contribute to this new effort.  A free contributed book from a number of invited practitioners and experts in the space.  I appreciate  that this is not a public wiki, but do hope it will have a well designed stub on the Wikipedia to make sure people like myself, who don't deal with this important topic every day, can find it when they need it.  Just now exploring.

The Interaction Design Encyclopedia   is all about making research accessible. We deal with human-centered aspects of technology: Interaction Design, User Experience (UX), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Information Architecture (IA), Human Factors, Usability, and related fields...

Welcome to a new type of encyclopedia! It's free, it includes videos, commentaries, and lots more. All chapters are written by leading figures within each subject. As such, it's different from the Wikipedia.

Seven chapters – Action Research, Bifocal Display, Data Visualization for Human Perception, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Interaction Design,User Experience and Experience Design, and Visual Representation – are already online (all with highly qualified authorities as authors) and 49 more are to come soon.

Featured Chapter this Month:

Marc Hassenzahl explains the fascinating concept of User Experience and Experience Design. Commentaries by Don Norman, Eric Reiss, Mark Blythe, and Whitney Hess ...

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