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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Japan Inc's Regrowth

Bain Inc writes about the reenergization of Japan Inc.    I followed Japan in the 90's in the area of artificial intelligence ... A view of their direction and barriers to new growth ....

Reenergizing Japan, Inc.'s growth, company by company

by Bain partners Vernon Altman and Toshihiko Hiura, and by Bain managers Jim Verbeeten and Shintaro Okuno  ... Bain & Company
"Japan, Inc.," considered a leader in business expertise in the 1980s, has the potential to return to its former prominence. The problems that Japanese business leaders face today are not rooted in inherent societal or economic inhibitors. Rather, the main barrier to new growth is structural – a situation that can be remedied by a reexamination of individual business portfolios to enable the generation superior performance. ... "

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