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Monday, November 29, 2010

Neuromarketing Beyond Copy Testing: Sensory in Retail Context

This is the kind of research we continued to look at in the innovation center.  How do shoppers actually interact non-consciously with complex environments like the retail store.  Read the whole article from the link.

From Sands Research Newsletter:

"Growth Beyond Copytesting into Shopper and Sensory Insight
Back in early 2008, when Sands Research was incorporated after several years of R&D, the majority of our work was completing neuromarketing research studies on television commercials. We also began our annual Super Bowl Neuromarketing Study on ranking the most engaging spots during the big event. (See below for info on the upcoming 2011 Super Bowl Study). Since that time, our comparative database has grown rapidly with our Neuro-Engagement Score (NES) and Emotional Polarity Timeline (EPT) measures becoming increasingly accepted by the consumer insight community.

Over this past year, we are seeing a growing utilization of neuromarketing services in shopper insight and sensory testing. With a portable EEG amplifier and Eye-tracking equipment in a small handbag or waist pack, our shopper participants have the ability to roam the aisle providing their unbiased, non-verbal feedback to focal points in their purchase decision process .... "

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