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Friday, November 26, 2010

Total Trade Optimization

Via Consumer Goods Technology and Demandtec, an eBook (requires contact information).  In the enterprise we did some early work with Demandtec, an impressive group:

Total Trade Optimization, One Plan, many perspectives

Trade Promotion Optimization, or TPO, was born of trade planning management system gaps. The industry has recognized a short list of innovative consumer products leaders that have invested in trade optimization with demonstrated success as advanced econometric modeling techniques allow consumer products manufacturers to simulate the impact of proposed plans against volumetric and profit targets. But much has changed in the world of TPO during the past several years as it has evolved beyond promotions to include pricing and can even be inclusive of shopper insights. Due to expanding needs, the analytics that are inclusive of TPO have not been entirely clear until now ..."

I saw afterwards that they will not give me access without a 'major company' email address.  Hard to get your word out that way.  Can a rep of Demandtec send me a copy for review?  Free publicity available here.

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