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Monday, November 08, 2010

Mr. Peanut Speaks

Via the GMA Smartbrief.  This reminds me of our own work with the long silent Mr. Clean brand image.   I was part of a team that made Mr Clean get a personality and start to talk.   He had been speechless since his debut in 1958.  He spoke for a few months in the 90s, using an AI brain,  in advertisements and online.  Then,  without any explanation, he stopped speaking and went back to his original supportive but quiet self.  Maybe we should have used a celebrity voice?  I note that an otherwise excellent Wikipedia article on Mr. Clean makes no mention of this episode.

Silent since 1916, Mr. Peanut opens up:
Kraft Foods is updating the Mr. Peanut icon for its Planters brand, changing it from the silent drawing introduced in 1916 to an animated character voiced by actor Robert Downey Jr., but retaining the nostalgic touches. An ad with the character will show Mr. Peanut throwing a party in his home and saying, "At Planters, we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party."  The New York Times (free registration) (11/7)

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