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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Barcode Hero 2.0 Launches

Luis Levy of the innovative Barcode Hero writes:

Barcode Hero 2.0 is launching ....

A next generation shopping app, Barcode Hero is far more valuable than just a price comparison tool. It lets shoppers research products they are thinking about purchasing, gathering comments from friends and experts on those products and alternate products before they buy.   ... Users become part of a community, scanning the barcode of products they like and adding their comments, which can be passed along to friends over Facebook and Twitter. Those that really become engaged can become the “king” or the acknowledged expert in a category.

New features include:

Search by category
User-submitted product photos – which give the user points
Wish lists that can be shared
Links to Twitter for sharing amazing “gets” or cool new finds

A Demo video is here.   I have not yet checked this update out, but will in the coming days.  Well worth a look.

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