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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Four Square and Pepsico: The Rise of Blockbuster Location Apps

Steve Frenda, sfrenda@instoremarketer.org,  Managing Director, Strategy and Development, The In-Store Marketing Institute  writes:

" .... The following pieces are relatively new and speak a great deal to the rapidly emerging mobile space. We would welcome your thoughts.

1. Exclusive: Foursquare's New Partnership With PepsiCo (and Safeway) Takes Focus Off of Places, by Fast Company  .... Foursquare is partnering with PepsiCo and Safeway to launch a pilot program which could serve as the future of the company's business model & have a dramatic impact on CPG.  Also Vons website promoting the service - If you put in your Safeway or other Safeway Division card number, it will allow you to sign up  

2. Clicking Through the Path to Purchase: Best Practices in Digital Shopper Marketing
An industry report by the In-Store Marketing Institute sponsored by Catapult Marketing and Google Inc.

3. Shopper Marketing 4.0: Building Scalable Playbooks That Drive Results Booz/GMA report finds budgets rising, effective tactics emerging 

4. From Hype to Holy Grail - Location is the New Frontier in Digital Marketing White Paper From moment feed on Location-Based Marketing Solutions (LBS)

Please take the time to comment on these important developments - Your opinions are important to us .... "

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