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Monday, November 15, 2010

Shopalong by Kroger CEO

Shopalong research consists of a retail and CPG executives visiting a store incognito and seeing their venues the way a shopper sees them.  A good AP article on how local Kroger CEO Dave Dillon does this.   This can also be done in conjunction with models of real stores, whether they be online, or are innovation center layouts.  These models can be used to understand how a retail venue is or should be working.  Then the physical shopalong can be used to test the theory in the real store.  We continue to seek the behavioral understanding of contextual spaces to further improve the experiences they seek to achieve.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Firsthand experience is always valuable. This is like the TV reality series ‘Undercover Boss’, where the CEO of large corporations goes and works along side with different people in the organization. It seems that getting unfiltered front line information is valuable to the people at the top. Often we see decisions being made based on available information and what people think is going on. Getting more information and talking with the customers I believe is always better. I think Dillon’s idea is great, and it is probably indicative of other programs he has implemented the culmination of which has led to Kroger’s enhanced performance in this economic environment.