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Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Blue Blogs

Doug Lautzenheiser posts about IBM blogging.  I talked to IBM's social media manager five years ago and was very impressed even then by what I saw.  Their white pages automatically had a placeholder for blogging.  They made it very easy to get started.  Not everyone there blogged, but they had started many blogs with many subjects.  They used social, non work topics to connect IBM people worldwide.  Anyone out there have a access to any studies of how well their capability improves the working environment?

1 comment:

Jacqi said...

Hi Franz,
I'm a marketing manager at IBM, and I came across your post. Coincidentally, one of my colleagues happened to tweet the link to this article earlier today: http://pio.mu/fYNzQ8. It mentions a Forrester research report which documents IBM's cost savings from improved productivity and other results based on our social media policy. I haven't seen the report yet, but thought you might be interested. Enjoy!

Jacqi Levy