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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Embedded Business Rules and Analytics

A topic of continual interest to me. We saw some of this in the enterprise when quantitative analytical methods were linked to sets of 'expert systems' business rules. In fact in our broad experiments these were the only solutions that really worked for non-trivial problems. This reverses the approach ... you start with business analytics methods, then add-in rules. Makes sense. Below, description of DMRadio talk on June 3, then access to recording afterwards:

"Embedded Analytics and Business Rules: The Holy Grail?
The effective combination of embedded analytics and business rules can pave the way for all kinds of valuable automation. Examples include next best offer which can boost sales; better fraud detection, which can limit losses; lower inventory, which can streamline operations and thus also lower costs; the list goes on. Tune into this episode of DM Radio to learn how, where, when and why to combine business rules with embedded analytics. We'll hear from Boris Evelson, Forrester; Dean Abbott, Abbott Analytics; Drew Rockwell, Martin Dawes Analytics and Mike Lees, Software AG.... "

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