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Thursday, June 24, 2010

This Blog and How it Relates to What I Do

This blog in various forms was initially established to communicate to innovation center visitors starting around 2002. This blog's readers include executives and innovators of many kinds from retail, manufacturing, R&D, IT and beyond. From large companies to startups.

I am now retired from the enterprise, but still very actively consulting. I am working with a number of companies as a board member, technical consultant, partner, innovator and guide. I can evaluate, write, advise and innovate in a number of areas. Always looking for new ways to collaborate. More about me can be found by Googling my name. Detailed data in LinkedIn. A short bio is here.

Read this blog. If the areas I talk about are of interest to you, and can use my expertise, call me in the US at (513) 405 7387. More contact information in the left column of this blog. I Look forward to helping you.

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