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Friday, June 25, 2010

Tobii Glasses Announced

Light weight eye-tracking. Nicely done, in particular the visual business intelligence that is included. See the short video in the link below for a demonstration. P&G recently announced a partnership agreement with Tobii....

" ... Tobii Glasses  —  combining the power of mobile eye tracking with fast data aggregation

Today Tobii Technology globally launches the groundbreaking Tobii Glasses. These are the first mobile eye tracking glasses that assimilate a pair of normal glasses. This has been achieved by placing the eye tracking sensor behind the right eye and reflecting the eye tracking data off a hot mirror coating on the lens. This is a totally unique technology that creates unparalleled unobtrusiveness for mobile eye tracking!

A very cool feature of the Tobii Glasses is the innovative IR marker system. The IR markers were designed to work with our supreme eye tracking software Tobii Studio and we have therefore been able to create an unprecedented data aggregation tool for mobile eye tracking. This system will save many hours of manual work for our customers....

... By Rasmus Pettersson, Product Manager at Tobii Technology AB ... "

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