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Friday, June 11, 2010

Whats Next for Publishing? Conference Report

Special report from Knowledge@Wharton: Turn the Page: What's Next for Publishing?. Excellent.

"Emerging technologies and strategies to reach new audiences are changing all aspects of the publishing industry, according to speakers at a recent Wharton conference in New York on "The Future of Publishing." In our coverage of the event, we look at the shifting habits of both readers and advertisers and how they affect traditional content delivery; the future of digital books and the new roles publishers will have to play in their promotion; and innovative ways to deliver content that involve consumers pulling, rather than publishers pushing, a product. We also include podcasts with executives from the Washington Post Company; the Palo Alto Research Center; search engine company Cuil; and Electric Literature, a quarterly literary magazine that publishes using a print-on-demand model ... '

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