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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Item Search with Xyggy

I received this recently, just started to take a look at it, intriguing paradigm:

" ... Thank-you for the post on Bayesian Information Retrieval .. The Xyggy technology is a new search tool that operates on "items" (or if you prefer "object" or "things") of any data type. Given a text query or a few example items, Xyggy will return other similar items. The interactive search box facilitates an intuitive experience to initiate a search by dragging items in and out to find relevant items....
We are actively courting companies and always suggest that a good way to proceed is to build a prototype using their data to determine the value of the Xyggy technology. We are setup to turn around prototypes pretty quickly dependent on the data type. If any of your clients would be interested then we will be eager to help. I'll be pleased to discuss potential uses if that helps.

Dinesh, ceo & founder, www.xyggy.com ... "

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