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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pepsi and the Next FourSquare

Have examined packages like Foursquare and there are some fundamental problems with their use for marketing plays. Enterprises like Pepsi are trying to influence their design. Good idea if you believe lcoaation based social media are the future. In AdAge:

" ...Pepsi wants to get in on the ground floor of the next Foursquare. The marketer, which has been outspoken about its commitment to social media, crowdsourcing even its biggest marketing program through the Pepsi Refresh Project, is hooking up with a venture-capital firm to do just that ... " .

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Franz what if Pepsi teamed with Pizza Hut (?) and after 5 login's at a Pizza Hut you get a Pepsi "Badge" and that allows you to the discount granted by Pizza Hut & Pepsi by showing the badge at time of purchase. This could be run with a number of other venue's and could be timed.

Actually you could do this with any retailer or product combination. The give-aways could be dated. How about a "TIDE" badge that would be acceptable at Kroger's and would work every Wednesday.

My only problem is that the Starbucks promotion (which I took advantage of more than once) was almost unknown to the employees. I am sure the discount in a large number of cases was not credited to the Foursquare promotion.

Another way to reach a specific market in a "digital" way. This could be "Pepsi's Leading Edge Generation".