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Sunday, January 08, 2023

Dense Visual Representations and More for Robotics

 Quite an interesting podcast I am about to listen to  ...   ideal applications?.


Dense Visual Representations, NeRFs, and LLMs for Robotics

By The Gradient, January 5, 2023

Google Research Scientist Pete Florence.

Pete Florence is a research scientist at Google Research on the Robotics at Google team inside Brain Team in Google Research.

As a Google research scientist, Pete Florence focuses on topics in robotics, computer vision, and natural language, including 3D learning, self-supervised learning, and policy learning in robotics. In an interview, Florence discusses his start in artificial intelligence, Ph.D. work with quadcopters, dense visual representations, NeRFs for robotics, language models for robotics, talking to robots in real time, and more.

From The Gradient

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