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Monday, January 23, 2023

Retail Inventory Shelf Analysis with AI

 Worked on something very similar to this in Laboratory Stores, but without AI.   Learned much in the general process

Google Cloud Introduces Shelf Inventory Predictive Tool for Retailers

The Wall Street Journal

Isabelle Bousquette, January 13, 2023

An artificial intelligence tool developed by researchers at Google Cloud aims to help big-box retailers improve shelf inventory tracking. The algorithm uses videos and images from the retailer's ceiling-mounted cameras, camera-equipped self-driving robots, or store associates to assess the availability of goods on shelves. The tool was trained on a database of more than a billion products and can recognize products regardless of the source or angle of the images. In tests at the innovation lab of supermarket chain Giant Eagle Inc., the tool achieved more than 90% accuracy, which Giant Eagle's Graham Watkins said is not sufficient to deploy it at scale. Giant Eagle will roll out a pilot program in an actual store, but a chain-wide deployment is not likely for several years (if at all).

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