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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Ukraine's Wounded Soldiers to Get Bionic Arms

Three dimensionally printed,  use of sensors, 

Ukraine's Wounded Soldiers to Get Bionic Arms

London Daily Express (U.K.)

Jacob Paul, January 18, 2023

U.K. technology company Open Bionics plans to fit two Ukrainian soldiers with three-dimensionally-printed bionic prostheses to replace hands lost to explosive injuries. In addition to providing custom-made Hero Arms to soldiers Andrii Gidzun and Vitalii Ivashchuk next month, the Open Bionics team has provided clinical training to three Ukrainian doctors. Open Bionics' Joel Gibbard explained the company designed the robotic hand, which can grasp objects with movable digits, using sensors triggered by muscles in the wearer's forearm "for activities of daily living. We're aiming for it to be able to hold objects of different sizes, to pick things up, hold a cup of coffee, tie shoelaces, brush teeth — these are the kind of things that we focused on in the design."  ... 

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