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Friday, January 13, 2023

Crypto's Winter and Generative A.I.'s Spring?

 Colleague Steve King Writes:

 Crypto's Winter and Generative A.I.'s Spring

The Washington Post's 'Crypto winter' has come. And it's looking more like an ice age starts with:

A year ago, the crypto world was booming, with prices for Bitcoin and Ethereum at all-time highs, celebrities stumbling over each other to promote expensive digital art, and logos from blockchain companies gracing sports stadiums and Super Bowl ads. That era is over.

And it's true. 

Thanks to a long list of frauds and criminal schemes - topped off by FTX's collapse - the crypto hype cycle is over. For now.

And replacing it is a major new hype cycle for generative A.I. 

Generative A.I. - an umbrella term for A.I. that doesn't just analyze existing data but creates new text, images, videos, code snippets, and more - had already established itself as tech's latest big thing.

ChatgptBut with the launch of ChatGPT, the hype around generative A.I. has reached a fevered pitch.  ...  ' 

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