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Monday, January 30, 2023

SAS on New Analytics

Thoughtful intro to piece via SAS

4 ways you might not realize advanced analytics is changing the world


The word innovation often draws to mind images of self-driving cars, new phones, and shiny tech. Yet, innovation often happens behind the scenes, especially in advanced analytics.

Around the world, industries like healthcare, government, banking, manufacturing, and more rely on the latest advancements in analytics.

At SAS Explore, an event for technologists, Udo Sglavo, Vice President of Advanced Analytics Research and Development, shared four key areas of innovation happening at SAS.

Throughout the general session on day two at SAS Explore, Sglavo interviewed various experts about how SAS is paving the way in advanced analytics and machine learning. Together, they covered the speed and repeatability of advanced analytics, proactively preventing biased decisions in AI, analytics on the go, and the possibilities of synthetic data.

Making advanced analytics faster and more productive  

In the past, advanced analytics was limited to large-scale, high-dollar projects. With advancements made in the last decade and digitalization's ongoing impact in response to the pandemic, adoption has skyrocketed. Businesses now regularly use advanced analytics for decision making, demand planning, and more. Thankfully, analytics in the cloud helps to meet demand.

The speed and agility of SAS® Viya® 4 in the cloud allow data scientists to test multiple solutions faster and more productively. 

DIVE DEEPER: Watch this full demo with Josh Griffin, who heads the Advanced Analytics Foundation Department team, to learn more.   ... ' 

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