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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Managing Knowledge, GPT towards a Killer Use case?

Sounds like the 'expert systems' of days past, we wrote a number in various contexts.  Results I have seen now are still shaky, often easy ridiculed, but still approaching real possibilities. 

Right now there is no “killer” use case for using ChatGPT in the enterprise — that is, one that will have an enormous impact on the top and the bottom line — according to EY’s global chief technology officer, Nicola Morini Bianzino. 

But that could soon change: The next six to 12 months will bring an explosion of experimentation, he predicted, especially once companies are able to build on top of ChatGPT using OpenAI’s API. And the killer use case that emerges could be around generative AI’s impact on knowledge management — that Bianzino describes as the “dialectic of AI.” 

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“Knowledge companies tend to store knowledge in a very flat, two-dimensional way that makes it difficult to access, interact and have a dialogue with,” he told VentureBeat in an interview. “We tried 20, 30, 40 years ago to build expert systems. That didn’t go really well because they were too rigid. I think this technology promises to overcome a lot of issues that expert systems have.”

As ChatGPT and similar tools evolve and improve, and can be trained on an enterprise’s data in a secure way, it will change the way we access and consume information inside the enterprise, he explained.   ... '

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