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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Spin Control and Billions of Qubits

A short time ago we were talking a handful of QuBits, now billions?   Implications for 'unsolvable' problems? 

 Spin Control Method Brings Billion-Qubit Quantum Chips Closer

UNSW Sydney Newsroom (Australia)  January 13, 2023

Engineers at Australia's University of New South Wales, Sydney (UNSW Sydney) and quantum computing spin-off Diraq have found a new approach for controlling single-electron spins in quantum dots with precision. The researchers can manipulate a single quantum bit (qubit)'s quantum state using electric fields rather than magnetic fields. The intrinsic spin-orbit electric dipole spin resonance effect "removes the requirement of placing extra structures around each [logic] gate," according to Diraq's Will Gilbert. UNSW's Andrew Dzurak said, "Since it's based on the same CMOS [complementary metal-oxide semiconductor] technology as today's computer industry, our approach will make it easier and faster to scale up for commercial production and achieve our goal of fabricating billions of qubits on a single chip."... '

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