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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Synthetic Populations Revisited

Akin to building 'Digital Twins', but here constructing a population, say of your current or targeted customers.    We did similar things to feed simulations being tested, say as to their reaction to new products.  Led to examination of:

CACMmag (@Communications of the ACM) Tweeted: .@Shibaura_it and @UnivKansai #researchers in #Japan have developed a way to assign workplaces to individuals in computer-generated 'synthetic populations'.    See:  http://bit.ly/3J69gzJ   https://t.co/Kuex1rOA4B   and  https://twitter.com/cacmmag/status/1617639341156884480?s=51&t=m6BeqGbF_-LmLEIpixKnFg

See above references, taking a closer look at this and will report back  if useful.    Comments?

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