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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Emotional Experience Car shown at CES by BMW

Clearly a concept car, but could it take off?

BMW’s iVision Dee Brings Sci-fi to the Driveway This concept car’s e-paper skin turns a paint job into an exterior screen      By Lawrence Ulrich   in IEEE Spectrum

The body of BMW’s latest concept car, the iVision Dee, is like a big e-paper screen, allowing each pixel to assume one of 32 exterior colors. BMW

Before I met BMW’s iVision Dee at a press preview event in Germany—prior to a public reveal at CES in Las Vegas last week—I’d never seen a car blush, let alone had one make me blush. But then the electric BMW began changing colors and facial expressions, talking at me in intimate detail, splashing a digital avatar of my face on its side window, and filling its windshield with head-up display (HUD) projections worthy of Minority Report.

The “Dee” in this radical concept sedan stands for “Digital Emotional Experience.” That includes its eponymous, sultry-voiced virtual assistant. The body’s 240 laser-cut, Kindle-style “e-ink” panels let the BMW transform instantly to one of 32 exterior colors. Excited by low current—15 volts and less than 100 milliamperes—the panels’ microencapsulated particles create a moveable e-paper display. Feeling hot pink today? Go for it. And don’t worry about dinging the electric driving range: The chameleonic material uses nominal energy, and only while it’s shifting color to another shade.  ... '

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