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Monday, January 23, 2023

A Photo Bot Feeds Data from JWST Space Telescope

 Instructive,   A means to to feed data from multiple sources?  50 GB a day!  What can we learn form this?

Telescope broke the universe

Scientists were in awe of the flood of data that arrived when the new space observatory booted up.

A clutch of massive stars takes center stage in this mosaic image of the Tarantula Nebula, captured with JWST's Near Infrared Camera. They are surrounded by, and will help sculpt, clouds of gas and dust—the raw material for yet more stars. ... '

NASA, ESA, CSA, STSCI, WEBB ERO PRODUCTION TEAM   by Jonathan O'Callaghan archive page,  January 21, 2023


JWST Photo Bot   @JWSTPhotoBot   Automated by @adamlastowka

I post public data from JWST's MIRI and NIRCAM instruments!

INFO: https://github.com/Rachmanin0xFF/jwst-twitter-bot

Earth-Sun L2 Halo Orbit Joined July 2022


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