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Friday, January 13, 2023

Quantum Computing Architecture Could Connect Large-Scale Devices

 Architecture from MIT, superconducting quantum chips 

Quantum Computing Architecture Could Connect Large-Scale Devices

MIT News, Adam Zewe, January 5, 2023

A new quantum computing architecture developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scientists can facilitate extensible, high-fidelity communication between superconducting quantum chips. The architecture can be used to thread multiple processing modules along one waveguide; MIT's Bharath Kannan said the same module can function as both transmitter and receiver. The researchers have demonstrated the deterministic emission of single photons in a user-specified direction with more than 96% fidelity. Said Kannan, "The ability to communicate between smaller subsystems will enable a modular architecture for quantum processors, and this may be a simpler way of scaling to larger system sizes compared to the brute-force approach of using a single large and complicated chip."  .... 

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