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Friday, January 27, 2023

Robot with Smell Sensor

 Most interesting, comparing the sensors 'rivaling those of dogs'.

TAU Robot Can 'Smell' Odors Using Biological Sensor  By The Jerusalem Post (Israel), January 20, 2023

The robot with the biological sensor. 

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a biological odor sensor whose sensitivity rivals that of dogs.

Scientists at Israel's Tel Aviv University (TAU) have created a biological sensor to help robots detect and interpret odors., TAU's Yossi Yovel said the researchers mated the sensor to an electronic system and had it smell different odors while measuring electrical activity induced by each scent.

Said Yovel, "The system allowed us to detect each odor at the level of [an] insect's primary sensory organ. Then, in the second step, we used machine learning to create a 'library' of smells. "The algorithm can identify smells with 10,000 times greater sensitivity than a standard electronic device.

From The Jerusalem Post (Israel)    

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