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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Guide to Phishing

 Been Phished? I have.   Schneier sends along a nice piece from TidBits on the topic.   A useful guide, history and much more.   Schneier's piece has lots of comments on experiences    . 

An Annotated Field Guide to Identifying Phish   in TidBits  and VentureBeat.

Do you like phish? Not the band, not tasty seafood dishes, and not the pretty tropical variety. I refer instead to the intellectual challenge of identifying phishing emails that attempt to get you to reveal personal information, often including login credentials or financial details, or entice you to call a phone number where trained operators will attempt to separate you from your money.

Phishing is a big deal, with a State of Phishing report  from security firm SlashNext claiming that there were more than 255 million phishing attacks in 2022, a 61% increase from the year before. The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report for 2022 says that only 2.9% of employees click through from phishing emails, but with billions of email addresses available to target, the raw numbers are still high.   ... ' 

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