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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Revolutionizing Quantum Computing?

Not getting this, but interesting ...

An accident in a lab experiment may revolutionize quantum computers

By Joshua Hawkins, Published Jan 23rd, 2023  in BGR

Researchers may have made a massive breakthrough in quantum computing. According to a new study published in Nature Nanotechnology   ... 

Quantum computing is an intriguing field that has seen quite a bit of growth over the past several years. However, there’s still a lot holding back the massive computers that researchers are working with – namely, their size and the sheer amount of control required to keep large-scale quantum computers running smoothly

That’s because the larger you make a quantum computer, the more quantum bits, or qubits, it requires to run. And the entire idea of a quantum computer requires you to control every single one of those qubits to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. So, when you make large-scale quantum computers, you end up with a lot of processing power and a lot more qubits to control.

Google Quantum Computer

And to be honest, running computers with more than three to four qubits is a nightmare, many researchers have explained in the past. It’s also part of why so many large-scale quantum computers are so bulky and take up so much room – sometimes entire rooms – just to run smoothly. But now, researchers have discovered a new way to manipulate the quantum state of a qubit.

And this big change could revolutionize how we construct those larger-scale quantum computers like you see companies like IBM working with. The new method is less bulky to build, and you don’t have to fabricate an antenna or cobalt micro-magnets to generate the controlling effect needed around the qubits. As such, it removes a lot of the bulk of the design that we currently rely on. ... '

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