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Thursday, July 01, 2021

Flying Cars Here Yet?

Depends how you define them.   Right now the definition means they can be driven around like a car and then take to the air as needed.   Such things have existed for some time, but not yet even close to mass-produced and generally available.   Formal  licensed pilots are still involved.  And here no provision for vertical take off, so needs an airport.   Autonomy/driverless is sometimes also mentioned, but not usually carried in the general definition.

Flying Car Makes 35-Minute Test Flight Between Cities   By Ryan Whitwam in ExtremeTech

Whenever the subject of the future comes up, it’s always the same: Where are the flying cars? Well, you could argue that flying cars are finally here. A hybrid aircraft known as the AirCar has just completed its first successful flight between two airports. It’s still a prototype, but it only looks a little bit ridiculous. 

The AirCar’s designer, Stefan Klein, piloted the vehicle for an uneventful 35-minute flight between international airports in Nitra and Bratislava, Slovakia. He said the flight was “normal” and “very pleasant.” The AirCar has now passed 40 hours in the air, which is an impressive feat considering how many “flying cars” have never gotten off the ground. 

Unlike many past attempts at a hybrid car-aircraft, the AirCar is not equipped for vertical takeoff and landing. That makes it less practical for the average driver with aspirations of taking to the skies because you need to find a runway. The car also needs some time to get ready for flight. It takes about 15 minutes for the motors inside the body to extend the wings and tail. You’ll have to deviate the same amount of time to stowing the wings when you land. At that point, the AirCar isn’t probably going to cut down on your morning commute.  ... " 

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